Laser FAQ

Yes. K-Laser Blue has published studies demonstrating the clinical effectiveness of Laser Therapy. Studies on the wavelengths and effect on tissues and target molecules have been published for the last 50 years. But the K-Laser Blue is unique amongst commercial equipment for using a Blue Laser light. Among these, there are studies that document the effectiveness of K-Laser Blue laser for many clinical conditions.

The typical each surgical or therapy treatment is 4 to 8 minutes, but depending on the size of the area being treated the procedure can take up to 1 hour.


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During more than twenty years of use by healthcare providers all over the world, very few side effects have ever been reported. Your Doctor will provide you with the detailed Informed Consent Form when he books you.

There is little or no sensation during treatment, even for the surgical dermatological procedures. In some procedures local anaesthetic can be injected prior to Blue Laser to prevent any discomfort. For Dermatological Therapy one feels a mild, soothing warmth or tingling. After treatment you will feel almost no discomfort.

Like any other procedures with Laser, your skin needs to be clean from any make up or tanning products.

You need to wear protective goggles, and of course anyone else present needs one ( everyone will be provided ). Young children who cannot keep their goggles on, should not enter the room.

any shiny objects near the proposed area, like necklace, needs to be removed, .

Considering the efficiency of Laser, and the amount of time is needed with less after care, it is sometimes less expensive than procedure. The price for simple lesion starts from $100 to few hundreds maximum.

Cosmetically, its very acceptable. No cutting, nor stitching is needed. As its very focused, collateral damage to the surrounding tissues are minimal. The procedure is very quick, the recovery is very fast and usually no post op care needed.